Rolla Snak – Natural Liquid Treat

The best feeling ever when working on a pet product has got to be the sense of elation during the photo shoot. I have been so lucky to play with dogs, puppies, and cats and calling it work. I have to say, it isn’t easy to get the perfect shot where everything is in focus, but when you get photos with the most amazing facial expressions, it is just wonderful.

We have Verdi the Rottweiler, Sparky the Labrador and Frankie the Jack Russell. Fabulous dogs with so much love to give. Needless to say, they had a ball! Roller Ball that is… Haha.

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suestrobel_DINZ_Rolla_Snak suestrobel_DINZ_Rolla_Snak2 suestrobel_DINZ_Rolla_Snak3 suestrobel_DINZ_Rolla_Snak4 suestrobel_DINZ_Rolla_Snak5 suestrobel_DINZ_Rolla_Snak6 suestrobel_DINZ_Rolla_Snak7 suestrobel_DINZ_Rolla_Snak8

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