Condiments and Sauces

I was inspired by my recent trip to Bolaven, Mt. Eden. I had the most satisfying bowl of beef pho by far in Auckland, and I was also pleasantly delighted to see a bottle of Sriracha on my table. Sriracha! I cannot stress the importance of having the right condiments for the right type of food. And for me, the slices of beef in pho are infinitely better when dipped in Sriracha.

Bottles of South East Asian condiments and sauces will always bring me back home. The containers they come in have hardly changed through the times, which make them so iconic. They will always remind me of the times I spend with my grandma in her kitchen, rummaging through her larder and fridge.

So I figured it is only proper that I design a fabric based on these little unsung heroes. Here are the first few initial sketches!


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